New Elf Detective Story: Case of the Unlucky Leprechaun

Meet Raymond Bundt, a down-on-his-luck private detective, who also happens to be an elf living in Missoula Montana. Raymond has a problem or three, as you can see from his description. . .

The thrilling, egg-nog swilling, santa-secret-spilling detective is back. Meet Raymond Bundt, Elf Detective.

An unlucky leprechaun, an angry miner, and a dame too hopped up on goofballs for her own good… And did I mention the missing dynamite?

The only good thing about this case is that leprechauns pay in gold.

I’m supposed to find out who’s been sabotaging my client’s gold mine. But when I get trapped in an old mine shaft, things go from bad to worse. Somebody has my client in their crosshairs, and dead men can’t pay their bills!

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