New Christmas Story From Eric Stever

Hello friends! I’ve written a new short adventure for a very short man, in fact he’s an elf.

Meet Raymond Bundt, a down-on-his-luck private detective, who also happens to be an elf living in Missoula Montana. Raymond has a problem or three, as you can see from his description. . .

“When a beautiful distressed dame comes to my door complaining of a Santa Ending Event, I just can’t resist. 1) She pays upfront and 2) The same mugs chasing her just roughed up my cat and trashed my office.

Plus, this case is a little different. It seems too many people believe in Santa. And that’s right up my alley.

Because before Santa fired me, I was head of Elf Disinformation. This case might be my last chance to get back in the fat man’s good graces.”

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