Print Versions of “A Magical School” are Coming


Thanks everyone for your interest. The print versions are coming . . . albeit more slowly than I would like. I don't have a delivery date yet, but the proofs are in the mail.

Who's to blame? Is it COVID? Is it the ineptitude of [POLITICAL PARTY A]??

No, it's my fault actually. We wound up purchasing a house; so finding our beds became more important than finding my typos. Thanks for reading! ERIC

A Magical School Hits #1; A Top New Release


Thanks everyone for making A Magical School for Magical Fools a top new release on Amazon, and a #1 new release on Kobo and Barnes & Noble. Simply amazing!

I'm really grateful to everyone who bought the book. Please send me an email and let me know what you thought:


Grab your copy for $3.99 USD (or equivalent for your country)

The HeadMeister is missing, the students aren't talking, and a green scaly something is eating all the socks . . .

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